WordPress along with its awesome partner plugin WooCommerce have nearly become the craze of the day. That being true, you can actually create and manage all types of websites using WordPress.

This unique platform offers you a lot. Starting from creating a website in hours, it provides you with more.

You can use WordPress to create different types of sites including E-commerce, payment gateways, auction, real estate, analytics, learning management systems, coupon websites and many more.

You name it. Be sure that you will get in under the umbrella of WordPress .

WordPress to create different types of websites

Though WordPress is still essentially a blogging platform, it is extendable easily to create different types of web applications and meet different requirements.

We have created point of sales systems, inventory management systems, integrated WordPress with accounting systems, synched it with Amazon, Ebay and Lazada. After some training, our clients become conversant enough to manage their own sites and content.

That is the beauty of this platform. It gives you the ability to tweak it the way you want.

WordPress can handle large data and traffic

There are many who claim that WordPress is not suited to handle large websites and data. We respectfully differ.

It is not that WordPress cannot handle large websites. Customizations done in WordPress to meet your requirements makes or breaks the site.

It is an open platform, so it is easily tweaked. How we use its inherent power is totally dependent on us.

A query that is fetching a few records from a database of more than 100,00,00 records will need to tweaked to give you faster results.

The speed with which results display does not depend on the platform, it simply depends on the experience and skills of the developer. If you want to lay the blame on WordPress, it is your prerogative.

We have handled sites in WordPress which have more than 10,000,00 entries.

The sites did not break or became slow. It is most often the web server which provides hosting services, that needs to take the blame.

Even the mighty Amazon servers fail to live up to the standards expected.

WordPress and Mobile Apps

Oh! Did we forget to mention – The WordPress API can easily populate your mobile applications. We have created WordPress based e-commerce websites with mobile apps powered by WordPress and WooCommerce.

WordPress, Plugins and Widgets

Of course an in-depth knowledge of how WordPress works, what plugins, widgets are and how customizations done in WordPress makes it perform optimally.

As with everything else, the knowledge comes when you work with the platform. Over the years we have completed more than 500 WordPress websites.

Corporate Software Solutions has a huge experience of handling different types of WordPress websites with varied requirements. This enables us to approach your requirements with confidence.

Be it customizing your existing themes and plugins or creating new themes and plugins, we offer you all services that you need for your WordPress website to succeed.

Contact us if you have any queries or discuss your requirements or simply want a quote.

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