Website Marketing – the biggest booming buzzword of the day.

Online marketing has nearly levelled the playing field among the start-ups and established businesses.

A well designed marketing campaign has the potential of providing you with the much-needed leap, that you need as a startup.

What is website marketing and what does it involve? The process actually markets your services, products or simply your website among netizens.

Once you launch your site, very few know about it. So you need to let others know what you are offering.

The methods and process that you follow so that people come to know about your venture is website marketing. It can generic in nature as well as targeted.

Generic would mean that you do not choose who sees your marketing efforts. You can also target your marketing efforts to your niche market.

Targeted marketing is more fruitful, but for that you need to know your market.

If you are not sure about your market, we often start your with generic marketing. During this time we collect data from visitors to your website and learn more about them.

We gradually learn details about your target market and behavioural patterns of your customers. This knowledge that we acquire over a period shows patterns, demographics and behaviour.

You can then use target marketing, guided with the knowledge about your customers. It is not an easy task and is never achieved overnight.

Website marketing is better known as online marketing.

There are different methods of website marketing available. They are broadly grouped into paid and free.

Paid marketing means advertising your website or services or products using the different online marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, Amazon etc.

With proper research and targeted campaigns you can use these services to leverage your reach and in turn increase your sales.

They give you the best possible way to let people know within days that you have arrived with your plethora of services or products.

The free service is actually not free. It requires a lot of working hours and dedicated efforts to use the free services.

Believe us there are more such methods available than the much hyped paid services.

The impact of these services are long-lasting. They also take time to pick up and send you visitors.

The plan for such a campaign needs time, a lot of thinking, planning and implementation.

We do agree that this method is far more challenging. The results but are sweet and long lasting.

What are the free methods of marketing available?

There are many but actually the methods involve a mix of social media, blogs, google local, forums, business directories, on page search engine optimization and several other methodologies.

Within the scope of this page, it is not possible to elaborate and cover all the aspects of the free methods of online marketing. We leave such efforts for our blog pages.

If website marketing is something you want to discuss please do contact us.

We are here to give you the required services – waiting for you to contact us.

Free or Paid marketing – it does not matter. Our dedicated team will work with you to reach your goals.