So what is search engine optimization?

Over the years we have found that it has evolved its meaning. For different people it means differently.

Years back, we heard from our clients that the process of search engine optimisation is damn easy. It is not a service that requires any payment or professional help.

Simply adding some invisible text to pages did the trick.

Search engine optimization and keywords

After a couple of few years later, clients suggested that writing articles is what search engine optimization is about.

With that came key phrases. There were different articles written with these keywords.

Actually searching for keywords and selecting appropriate key phrases became another money earner.

The result. A booming article writing industry.

The internet was brimming with extreme trash. Similar content was piling up. They were just written differently to avoid copyscape.

There was no originality left. Internet viewers started complaining vehemently.

The search results returned by Google were not good enough.The quality of content was terrible.

Visitors searching for services or products are free to fill in their search phrases. They can search for “black neon Tetra size”. Writing a line with such a key phrase is pretty difficult. Any writer would  have loved to write it as “the size of the black neon Tetra”. Clients and search engine professionals did not agree. So the writers used key phrases as provided. The result was the absolute sham of quality of the content.

The giant Google is extremely client oriented.

It listened to the complains and took immediate action.

Google and Search engine optimization

What do you think Google did?

One fine morning, Google simply removed all trash from its database. All rankings tanked.

There after we heard about black hat SEO, Google Panda update, back links, link checkers and what not.

The result, today we have a dearth of acceptable article writers. There were millions doing the same a few years back.

Search engine optimization is not something that is easily achievable. The main reason behind the difficulty is the understanding of optimization.

What clients and people fail to understand that though search engine optimization deals with pretty basic stuff.

Doing the basic often proves a real challenge.

Ranking for keywords is what search engine optimization has become. Achieving a rank today is not easy.

The most difficult part is maintaining the rank.

We agree that sites ranked higher get more traffic from Google.

It is not something which is achievable overnight. You need a plan and of course time to make it work.

The process is simple but then you need to really work hard to get your ranks and keep them.

Is SEO dying in 2017

Oh! Finally you may have come across headlines claiming SEO is Dead or will die in 2017. We simply disagree.

SEO according to us cannot die till the time bots and machines run the search engines.

SEO methods we follow

We follow the giant. Over the years that we have worked, we have realized a few things.

  • Optimize keeping the customer requirements in mind and the results are long-lasting
  • Do not do search engine optimization for search engines only. Keep the human experience in mind.
  • There are no automated methods to success, you need to do a lot of hard work
  • Content is king. Provide content that is useful for your target market

Our customer oriented methods never fail. We take pride in achieving goals for our clients.

If you are in doubt or have any queries about search engine optimization, do drop us a line.