So what is page speed and optimization? It is the time taken for your page to load on different devices. Google promotes that the speed with which your page loads should be as fast as possible.

Importance of Page Speed Optimization

As mobile users are increasing exponentially, page speed now plays an important role. Most mobile users use 3G connections to browse the internet.

For desktop users, most of them use high-speed broadband connections. Pages hence load faster for them. Even then once you check your page speed for desktop, you will find that your page load time is quite high, not conforming to Google standards.

It is hence important that your pages load fast in all devices that access it. This requires page speed optimization.

Fortunately there are a many tools available to access your site. Among them notable are Google Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix.

Impact of Page Speed Optimization

The speed with which a page loads is directly related to the amount of bounces that it causes. So simply if a page loads within a second, the chances of you loosing customers is lesser, than when your page loads within say 5 seconds.

What you need to understand and assimilate is that the Internet is great leveler. It provides too many options for people to choose from.

You may have a great looking website with lot of funds for advertisements. Lead generation services and features on your site generate a lot of leads for you. Even then the results are not what you expect. Your ROI is not impressive.

Compare your site to a far more simpler site like Google. There is no fanfare on the site of the Giant, even then it serves millions of customers in a day.

No wonder another Giant, Amazon claims that with each second it saves during page load, increases its sales by thousand folds.

Optimizing your pages for speed

Yes sites need optimal optimization to meet lower page load times. Most of the time, such optimization results in broken and bad user experience. You will often hear your developers complaining that they cannot optimize your site further as that is resulting in broken UI.

That being true, you actually end up with a partly optimized website. The problem is significant when your site is using ready to use web applications such as Shopify or Bigcommerce. There are many such web applications, which cannot be optimized at all!

The way to move forward is to let your developers and designers know that you want to meet the benchmarks in page speed optimization.

When development of your website starts, do some planning and set some goals. You can make your pages load within even less than a second without breaking your UI.

The benchmarks are achievable.

You need to plan for it before starting the designs or asking your developer to start coding.

Page Speed Optimization For Existing Websites

For ready to use sites, the job of optimization proves a real challenge and is often more difficult. The chances are that such sites cannot be optimized further. They allow partial optimization.

Their architecture just are not built to allow optimization. Under such situations, we often have to recode features and do away with some to meet the desired results.

Over the years, we have achieved the standards for many sites and are know what it entails to give you the desired results.

If you have any questions about optimizing your existing site or you want to build an optimized website, please contact us.

We are eagerly waiting for you.