The layout for your website is your building block. Building the structure of your site and creating the graphics to compliment your layout is not an easy task.

The Preferred Layouts and Graphics For your site

Clients tend to use designs which they like or think are appealing. We accept that you should have an appealing design. You want it enticing and have all the sparks to make it look great.

The question to ask is will you be the only person you know who will visit your site? If yes, then perhaps a structure which you like will work.

Unfortunately you are building a site to get more business, more exposure, more leads and more customers.

YES!! The most important deciding factor for you are customers. You need a customer centric website.

Easier said than done! With our experience we have seen that your customers rule. So make it easy for your customers.

So start by asking what you want your customers to do when they visit your site.

When you change your outlook and start thinking in the boots of your clients, you start on your way forward to success.

How and What of Layouts and Graphics

So how do you go ahead and what do you do?

Before you start, remember there are no copycat methods available.

Each successful person has their own mantra. Nobody followed the footsteps of others to become successful.

Of course inspiration from others help. No two business models are the same.

Even fierce competitors act differently. Uber and Ola provides you with similar services but you will seen that they are subtly different in their offerings.

So of course get ideas and inspirations. Believe us, inspirations will become the pillars for your website endeavour.

Where to get the inspiration for your website layout and design?

Here is a brief list of ideas that you can follow to understand the requirements of your clients. Again these are for inspirational purpose only.

  • Define your goals – what do you want to do, this is the most important. Be very clear on what you want. Believe us when we say that at the end of this brainstorming session, you may think differently about your goals!. Even then set goals will help you question and analyze better.
  • Research your idea/business – Remember, even if your grand idea is noble and you think there are no others into it, research well. With thousands of websites being launched daily, your idea may already be in use. Remember your research will present you with different ideas and opportunities, DO NOT dilute your own idea in the way. It will be overwhelming, hence we suggest that setting your goals is your first priority.
  • Know your competitor – Always know what your competitor is doing. Visit their sites, do not just browse through them, check out the services they offer. Even a bad-looking site does brisk business, just because there customer service is par excellence. Gather as much knowledge as possible. It is not possible to know everything about them. Though you will definitely appreciate what you have learnt about them once you complete your research.
  • Customers – This part is tough, just because it seems very hard to know about them without having a business or service. You can go to your friends and family, you can gather from them what they feel about your endeavour. That though does not give you a proper picture. The Internet giants like Google offer you plenty of intelligence. Use their keyword research services to know about the trends in the market. Read niche blogs where you will find customers discussing about sites, products and services.
  • Finally – once you have defined your goals, researched your idea, learnt about your competitors and have a brief idea about your target market, you are more than ready to think about the layout of your site.

Start developing  ideas for your layout and graphics that you want for your website. The knowledge gathered will help you.

It is not that during the process, you cannot make changes to your layout. So start.

Making your ideas into reality is what we web developers do. Clear requires help a lot.

What do we do when tasked with creating your site layout and graphics?

We at Corporate Software Solutions will share with you our ideas based on your requirements. It will take a while to have the layout and graphics ready.

Bear with us, because we understand no two requirements are the same, though they are often similar.

If all the above is too overwhelming for you, you can contact us, we are ready to guide you through the entire process.

It is becoming a cliché, even then, we reiterate you need to work hard to set up your business.

Yes, if you have the will, there is always a way. With it comes the ups and downs too.

Be mentally prepared.

We have had stalwarts admit to us, that if they could push their ideas for another three months, things would have been different.

Steps we take to complete your layout and design

We as professionals will guide you through the layout design research phase.

Before we start the actual designing phase, we will tell you about the choices that you have for design, use of fonts, graphics.

We try to follow the guidelines set by maestro Google, simply because 90% of your customers will come from them.

So if a graphic needs to change or its removal can speed up your page load time, we will definitely do that.

We meet benchmarks to the level possible. You should also know that all the benchmarks a suggested cannot be met always.

That is because at times the recommendations conflict each other. Yes though it seems like a tall claim, it is true.

Finally your design is ready – benchmarked and optimized.

Your layout is ready, we can now move to the next stage.

Oh! yes this is not all that we do, we do a lot more, so if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact or write to us.