E-commerce, is the buzz word among business houses, organizations and startups. Yes, even the governments are up in arms to embrace it in different aspects of governance.

When people started thinking about it, the online market was booming. Now it has offers great opportunity with a lot of potential.

Disturbing trends in e-commerce development

Every other day you notice sprawling advertisements in newspapers and hoardings about new launches. You see them more when you browse the Internet. New new e-commerce ventures are launching daily.

Interestingly if you have followed the launches, you also must have noticed a disturbing trend. Out of 10 ventures launched in a month, around 6 close shop.

Even well planned, venture capital supported start-ups shut down sooner than expected.

Pundits and experts come up with different explanations. Whatever the reasons, it ends up with the ventures failing. Even when backed up by thousands of dollars.

Over the last 20 years, we have worked on hundreds of e-commerce websites. Unfortunately many do not exist today.

Reasons behind failure of e-commerce ventures

The reasons for closure are many we can group them to a few major reasons.

  • Startups rely too much on venture capital funds. Actually, there are sites which launch simply to rope in funds. Nobody cares about the service or product that they offer.
  • People lose enthusiasm within months. Sustenance and patience are virtues are among rare virtues these days.
  • To beat the competition businesses start promising a lot without thinking about their bottom lines.
  • Most businesses tend to offer what they think will work. They do not study to know the market and its requirements.
  • Even big business houses with top-notch professionals fail. Proper planning, fund management and leadership is missing.

As developers, it is painful for us to watch our creations being shut down. Yes, it is personal.

We take pride in our creations and strive to make them stand out and successful.

E-commerce development for success

An e-commerce venture needs time to flourish. Nothing happens over a day. You may finish reading the success stories of online ventures in a weeks time. If you expect your online ventures to become successful in weeks, that is simply not possible.

Sustenance is the key, we have seen great plans with exceptional fundings and suggested profits shut down within months.

We have worked with people having proven credentials, who simply close down their businesses, as they do not find proper venture capital backing.

Most of our troubles are due to poor implementation….wrong priorities and unattainable targets. – JRD Tata

It is important to plan your e-commerce venture carefully. Technology of course plays its role.

We are always present to help you with our technical knowledge. Our experience in developing and working such ventures gives us the edge when it comes to providing you with solutions.

We know of housewives with kids who run successful e-commerce ventures in their home country.

They are not tech savvy but they know their customers, believe in their offering. They work late in the night doing all that they need to do to make their business a hit.

We stand by and for them. We are always there to meet their requirements and offer solutions when they face a technical glitch. They believe in us and we beam in their confidence.

E-commerce Development Frameworks

There are a lot of frameworks available today. You can create your venture within days spending peanuts.  The choices are many starting from WordPress-WooCommerce, OsCommerce, Magento, Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Onecart to many others.

Some business enterprises also need custom web development for their e-commerce websites.

Once we complete studying your requirements, we offer you suggestions. It is always based on your needs and budgets.

E-commerce Development and Design

The user interface is important. There are many ready to use user interface available.

You can also go in for custom UI design. Remember the user interface design is highly important, simply because, it markets for you.

Unlike your brick and mortar establishment, your personal experience and charisma does not work on the net.

Further you should remember that if you plan to cater to the global market, it is not the same as supplying to your local market.

Remember to design for users seeing your site on mobile handsets.This is better known as responsive websites.

Finally the entire design should load within a few seconds. This is what we call as page speed and optimization.

E-commerce development keys

After lot of research ,you need to decide on the services and products that you want to offer for sale online. Take inspiration from the fact, that Amazon did not become a giant by offering all that it offers over a year. It has gradually increased its offering.

Deliberate on the very important factor of shipping and delivery. We have seen businesses shut down, because they simply did not think about logistics.

Know your customers and market, study them, research.

The more you know about them, the better can you deliver.

A seemingly simple statistic. Women in the United Kingdom constitute as most buyers when it comes to deciding their next holiday. This information can make a great difference in the way you offer your products.

Interestingly, please note, if you market in India, the same is not true.

Think about promoting and marketing your business. Yes we know you may not have the budget. Online marketing done intelligently within your budget is possible.

Remember marketing always does not mean advertising. Start and support a blog.

We here at Corporate Software Solutions will give you e-commerce development solutions that will work.

It gives us great pride to move with you in your way to success.

The experience we have gathered is put to work for you.

Contact us if you are in doubt about your venture, have queries or want to share something with us.