With integrated development, there are requirements which includes managing your sites using different API that are available.

APIs has actually opened up a lot of opportunities for integrated data management and ease of use.

It has actually given us the ability to use the power of different giants like Google/Facebook within our sites.

APIs are actually revolutionary in concept.

Google Map API Development

Using the Google Map API we developed a system for our client in Australia.

We built a system for his company to manage his customer service calls and technicians.

The system allows his customer service technicians to know about their next call all scheduled neatly on Google Map.

Amazon Merchant API Development

Our client in Singapore sells products through Amazon. They use the services of Amazon warehouses. The client sells to  different Amazon marketplaces.

They needed a centralized inventory and order management system. We created it using the Amazon API.

Product, price and order management features were gradually added to complete the requirements.

Facebook Advertisement API Development

We often use the Facebook API to create product feeds for Facebook. This API lets our clients create targetted advertisements on Facebook.

Google Advertising and Reporting API Development

Different Google API including Data Studio, Analytics, Firebase and Adwords provides you with different capabilities.

We deliver customized reports for our large e-commerce vendors using these different Google APIs.

To offer different marketing channels along with their sites, APIs are used.

Our clients are often offered Facebook, Ebay, Amazon and Lazada APIs to sell their products.

This enables them to use an integrated system managing sales and inventory across the different channels.

WordPress and WooCommerce API Development

There are clients for whom we need create WooCommerce API to meet their needs.

Autocount is a popular accounting software. For our client in Malaysia, we integrated WooCommerce API with Autocount.

What we did for them includes

  • product management,
  • retailers,
  • different selling prices across different south-east Asian countries
  • inventory to order
  • customer management

All achieved using WordPress, WooCommerce and Autocount.

Custom API Development

At times, to meet requirements, custom API coding is the way forward.

For a bank in India, we created an API to send and receive data with the proprietary system that they use.

The site uses WordPress. It provides the employees of the bank to book vehicles for their use at different locations.

If  you have any such requirements, please do contact us. We are here to discuss your requirements and give you our best rates.

Waiting eagerly to hear back from you.