Corporate Software Solutions provides web-based solutions, including designing, development and marketing of websites and web-based ventures. A dedicated team of skilled professionals works in tandem with you to offer solutions for success. We take pride in being a part of your team providing you with our inputs.

Your strategy for success – this is what you get from us and that is what we build and implement.


We started way back in 2002, so nearly 15 years of web development experience. On an average we complete around 100 projects annually. There are some extremely happy clients for whom we have worked for more than 10 years!!!

Starting from conceptualizing your web endeavour to making your web-based enterprise a success, we take pride in being a part of your growth. We know that your business needs tweaking and evolve to meet the new challenges. Hence our long association with clients. You are never a forgotten customer but an important part of our business. We always strive to meet your expectations and do more.

Your SUCCESS adds FEATHERS to our cap.


Our goal is simple. We thrive on you, so we strive to meet your expectations. Of course we charge fees, but our goal is to give you wholesome solutions. You can ask our large customer base, we are sure they will tell you that we actually helped them cut their operating costs!!!!

We reiterate that your goals are ours and we study your requirements in detail to meet it.

That simply enables us to give you solutions that are practical, are extendable as required and at feasible costs.

We take pride in working with you to give you solutions that meet your needs. It is an oft occurrence in our office when our teams lock heads with our clientele. We hear, we understand and we analyze. It is only after we have understood and assessed your needs that we offer our suggestions and the proof of concept. From handling your server requirements, finalizing the design, creating the user interface, to setting up your site for speed, to marketing it, we offer you a one stop solution to meet your goals.


We follow a success oriented strategy. It starts and evolves around your web project. We ride on 15 years of experience in developing web applications and sites.

From clients, we often get requirements of creating a site, they believe that creating a site will enable them to earn millions – after all their idea is a unique one!!! More often than not such enthusiasm dies down within a few months. Their intentions are good, they create pleasant-looking sites, their friends on social media help them by sending them the much-needed visitors. Believe us, their ideas are often great. Even ventures with big names associated with them fail.

Why do they fail? What they lack is a proper strategy. According to them their ideas are unique and hence are hot opportunities for venture capitalists. They supplement their ideas with graphs and charts showing the extensive worldwide market that their product and services have. The calculations are excellent, they expect to grow in leaps and bounds.

Over the years we have found they do not take the time to plan their business. They are also not ready to do the hard work that is necessary for all success. Within months people tend to lose heart and they start pounding their development teams with new ideas, the main goal is forgotten.

For any business to thrive, sustenance is important.

Herein lies our strategy for success. We plan with you, offering our suggestions. Plan and stick to it. Plan for each coming month. Friends a web venture is not a part-time enterprise, it is a full-time engagement. The virtue needed is patience and with it a plan to sustain. Success does not come easy, be ready to do the hard work that is necessary for all success.

Corporate Software Solutions is ready to work along with you.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility and civic society at large has always been something which we have always catered for. We donate regularly to different charities including UNICEF. It is our strong belief that as citizens we should always do whatever we can for the less privileged.


Our team consists of young and dynamic professionals dedicated to the work assigned to them. The top management consists of experienced entrepreneurs who have been with the industry since the last 18 years. The combination of experience with youth gives us the midas touch to comprehend, analyze and deliver results. We always make that extra effort and walk the extra mile.